Evolving from the “dimensional drywall” vision that forged Drymension®, we applied our innovation and forward thinking to the age-old craft of architectural plaster mouldings. Using tried and true methods combined with modern advances, ingenuity, and skilled craftsmen, Plasteration® was formed.

Plasteration® specializes in the concept, design, manufacturing, and installation of ornamental and architectural plaster mouldings as well as offering a wide variety of wall and ceiling finishes including Venetian Plaster, Marmorino, Integral Plasters, Hand-troweled Textures, and many unique, one of a kind finishes.

Plasteration® works with some of the finest national, and international, suppliers and manufacturers of plaster products. Our highly trained and experienced craftspeople use proven techniques incorporated with modern technology to deliver superior installations admired by manufacturers, builders, design teams, and clients alike. Adhering to our “Dedicated to Perfection” mission, Plasteration® offers the perfect design accent to your wall and ceiling canvas.

Plasteration® can assist in your selection needs with the ability to take rough sketches and develop CAD shop drawings, physical samples, and even customized textures, using a vast array of application techniques and materials. We understand that visualizing the finished product is key for our prospective clients, and we are ready to take that step with you. In addition to developing concepts, many design details may be viewed at our Showroom location with backdrops designed and installed by Drymension®.


  • PLASTER MOULDINGS - supply and install crown mouldings, friezes, columns, pilasters, corbels, brackets, capitals, centerpieces, niches, door pediments, fireplace surrounds, and applied ceiling enrichments.

    Large selection of standard and custom designs

  • PLASTER RESTORATION - restore or replicate historical or damaged ornamental mouldings.

    Preserving and recreating with pristine authenticity

  • PLASTER COATINGS - glazing, iridescent, pearlescent, metallic, crackle, scaglioli, stenciling, antiquing, colorwashing, marbling, and woodgrain.

    Imaginative ideas to augment the detail.


  • VENETIAN AND MARMORINO PLASTER - marble infused plasters designed to reproduce true marble and stone luster. Made from natural materials which allow walls to breathe, it is offered in a vast array of design possibilities- from a smooth, highly polished look to antique, ancient effects. Because of its superior durability, you can enjoy its rich depth and substance for many years to come.

    Distinctive beauty for a surprisingly affordable cost

  • INTEGRAL PLASTERS - hand-troweled, naturally pigmented plaster applied in subtle to heavier textures. With natural shading, your walls will age uniquely through natural processes.

    Old world looks with a European flair.

  • TEXTURED PLASTERS - hand-troweled unpigmented plasters applied in many types of textures- from a light Mediterranean to heavy Morroccan appearance, or to match existing ones.

    To achieve your specific design wishes.