Drymension®, a simple compound of "drywall" and "dimension" speaks for itself in terms of design and creativity. With a foundation over 30 years in the making, Drymension® has established itself as the leader in high-end, custom drywall designs in South Florida all with our simple mantra. "Dedicated to Perfection".

It is well understood that absolute perfection is virtually unattainable, however, at Drymension® we believe that with the right vision and strong resolve to use only the finest materials, processes, and craftsmen, combined with modern advances and dedication we can achieve a level of quality and workmanship in our trade that approaches a realistic perfection.

At Drymension®, we put extra emphasis on each phase of our work. Starting with pre-construction, layout, and framing all the way through final finish, our dedication to perfection is priority one. Equally as important to delivering a quality product is conducting ourselves professionally and showing the highest level of respect to our clients and colleagues which we instill into all of our representatives and employees.

"As specialty craftsmen we pursue the most challenging and demanding projects while aspiring to set higher standards. Our belief is to build with commitment and integrity starting from the inside out. We are Dedicated to Perfection."


We believe a quality drywall scope starts at the very substructure of the process. When we begin a job, our supervisors and layout specialists will inspect existing conditions in order to identify and avoid typical problem areas that will affect your finished product. We make prevention of problems a top priority. From there we proceed, using the highest quality materials and procedures- 20ga metal instead of minimum required 25ga, shimming each truss level and applying hi-hat channel 16" OC, drywall grid systems for drop ceilings, and using only zinc coated screws. These are just a few of our standards, which sets us apart from the competition. Combined with our use of skilled tradesman and a management team of supervisors, managers, estimators, quality control, and accounting staff designed to provide the absolute best service experience our customers desire and expect all at a competitive price.


We are equally well versed in Mediterranean Styles and Textures as we are in ultra contemporary designs that incorporate trimless lights, linear diffusers, extruded aluminum reveals (Fry-Reglet, Pittcon), light coves, trimless doors and window reveals, etc; We also have extensive knowledge of Residential Soundproofing designs and products working first hand with many sound engineers and specialty vendors.

Our workforce is trained to work with these tolerances and we are constantly evaluating new products and developing new systems to provide these award winning finishes. Many Architects consult us on a regular basis for assistance in specifying the correct products and how to properly incorporate details to show real world conditions. We are highly experienced at providing material source documentation for LEED (Green) Certified projects and formats required for material cost breakdown and LEED point assessment. At Drymension®, we are not just your typical drywall company, we are Interior Specialists. Please see below for a list of our custom and specialty offerings.

  • CUSTOM CEILINGS - groin vault, barrel vault, spider vault, dome, oval, custom dimensional soffit ceilings.

    Innovative techniques and "one of a kind" styles to match your design needs

  • RADIUS DETAILS - custom arches, curved stairways, "half-round", "half-bullet" and custom niches, dramatic space dividers, multi-tiered curved details.

    Many decorating ideas at our showroom

  • DETAIL SPECIALTIES - light coves, drapery pockets, recessed baseboard, custom A/C diffuser work, drywall reveals.

    Using extruded aluminum, stainless steel, and other specialty materials.

  • WINDOW AND DOOR TREATMENTS - fillable j-bead returns, "trimless doors", innovative drywall window casing and return designs.

    Ask for our custom solutions to help meet your needs

  • FIBEROCK AQUATOUGH - High density abuse-resistant paperless gypsum board (USG) with the highest mold & mildew resistance (ASTM -10) and superb tensile and pull through strength (145 pound shear strength). Sandable properties enable us to create a beveled edge at the entire perimeter of each sheet, which literally eliminates butt-joint build up problems as well as allowing flexibility by back beveling at problem penetrations such as linear diffusers. Cost efficient alternative to one and two coat veneer plaster finishes.

    The strongest, most flawless substrate on the market today.

  • OTHER SPECIALTY WALL BOARDS - Densarmor and National XP moisture resistant drywall (to eliminate ever increasing mold and mildew issues), Denshield tile backer (with built in vapor barrier), and Quietrock for built-in soundproofing.

    The future of drywall today for interior finishes

  • PREMIER FINISHES - Drymension Level 5 (which surpasses USG level 5 specifications) for harsh lighting conditions, eggshell, or faux finishes (reduces joint photography/flashing problems), Drymension Level 6 (combination of Fiberock and our Level 5 Finish) a superior alternative to veneer plaster finishes at a fraction of the cost.

    The finest canvas for all your decorating needs

  • SAFE, PANIC, OR HURRICANE ROOMS - a place for your valuables, for security in uncertain times, or for unforeseen catastrophes. Use of a vast list of specialty products available upon request.

    Designed and engineered for maximum protection for you and your family

  • CUSTOM SOUNDPROOFING - for home theaters, home office, libraries, privacy, and mechanical rooms and closets using today's most proven and high performance products including, mass-loaded vinyl (MLV), specialty sound panels and drywall, isolators, and many more sound attenuation products. We have extensive experience in Residential Soundproofing.

    Providing 60 or higher STC ratings for peace and quiet

  • GREEN BUILDING (LEED CONSTRUCTION) - Product Solutions and Project Documentation for Leed Certification.